Last day at Technicolor

#Last day at Technicolor

After 8 years working for Technicolor Research and Innovation, I have decided it’s time to move on. Over these many years, I have learnt a lot from some really amazing collegues and ex-collegues. I was mentored by the always wonderful Jean Bolot. I really want to thank him for believing in me, placing his trust in me and pushing me towards where I wanted to be. Very rarely does anyone meet a mentor like him. There are many such people I met at Technicolor whom I want to thank today.

  • Ashwin Kashyap (first boss, best boss)
  • Saurabh Mathur
  • Peter Papatheodorou (how can I forget you Pete :))
  • Brano Kveton
  • Nadia Fawaz (Thanks for being the one person I could share everything.)
  • Brian Eriksson (Thank you for all the advice)
  • Ajith Pudhiyaveetil (we started as Interns in 2010 and became best buddies for life)
  • Simon Feltman (only other guy with whom I could nerd all day)
  • Akshay Pushparaja (I hired him as an intern but became buddies soon)
  • Ken Nguyen (This guy is the best IT guy I have met in ages. Also, best buddy)

I hope I did not forget anyone here. Every one of you changed me one way or other. I have no hard feelings or regrets. I always looked for an opportunity to learn something from everyone of you. I hope I was as helpful too to what you wanted to achieve. Once again, it is emotional to say good bye but I want to explore new challenges now and I hope the best for everyone.


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