I currently manage a team of engineers at Adobe Sensei building content recommendation services for Creative Cloud Mobile. Previously, I was part of Technicolor Research Center leading Predictive Analytics on VFX workflows for MPC Film. I am interested in building engineering solutions in Applied Machine Learning, Data mining, Distributed Systems and Distributed Databases.


I lead a team of engineers building large scale machine learning based recommendation services for Adobe to integrate assistive features within their product line. The team enabled multiple Creative Cloud mobile and desktop applications build actionable intelligent services for their end users. My team manages millions of recommendation requests for Creative Cloud iOS and Android apps.

I am part of the Adobe Sensei Intelligent Agents group working to provide assistant like features to Adobe Creative Cloud products. I was also leading a cross functional group made up of Adobe Sensei, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Research in developing an Assistant Framework for the deployment within Adobe products. I was responsible for architecture, technology stack, analytics, service deployment and release cycles. Our team deployed and tested multiple end user facing assistant features into Adobe Illustrator through early release alphas.

PROJECT LEAD, Technicolor, May 16 - Feb 18
I lead a group of engineers and researchers building Predictive Analytics for MPC Film VFX workflows. Our team analyzed end-to-end movie workflows to identify inefficiencies, provide smart team compositions and department resource allocation predictions. Our work was published at SIGGRAPH 2017. Our analytics platform is used by worldwide MPC Film to produce Hollywood blockbusters on time.

SOFTWARE ARCHITECT, Technicolor, Since Oct 14 - Feb 18
Designed and built large scale recommendations and analytics apps for businesses within Technicolor. In this role, I helped develop expertise within research groups on software and data architectures. I helped build technologies to create, capture, process, utilize and visualize user and content data. Also, I was the lead developer and architect for all the backend services.

RESEARCH ENGINEER, Technicolor, Jan 11 - Oct 14
We were primarily tasked to putting some of the latest algorithms in content discovery and recommendations in millions of TVs and digital media receivers worldwide. The research and engineering was jointly led by me and Branislav Kveton. This work was published in major artificial intelligence and machine learning conferences like ICML’13, AAAI’13 and NIPS’12.

RESEARCH INTERN, Technicolor, Jan 10 - Nov 10
I was responsible for the design and implementation of an efficient wikipedia based semantic interpreter by exploiting top-k processing. The result of this work was published at ACM CIKM’10. I was responsible for research, analysis and engineering.

TEACHING ASSITANT, Rutgers University, Sept 07 - Dec 09
I taught HTML, Javascript and CSS. Apart from teaching, I was responsible for grading the exams, conduct office hours and assist the professor in creating teaching material.

CONSULTANT, Wipro Technologies, Oct 06 - Jul 07
I worked as a UNIX/Oracle/SAP consultant for Shell (Oil) Information Technology. I was resposible for cluster migration, database migration, backup and recovery on worldwide Shell servers. Other related work areas include SAP support and Oracle 9i/10g query processing.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Wipro Technologies, Jun 06 - Oct 06
As a project engineer, I was responsible for designing and building a poll/survey platform for the entire organization. Human Resources department’s goal was to use the tool to interact with their employees and get realtime feedback on various company related policies and events.


M.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE, Rutgers University, Sept 07 - Dec 09
I developed interest and expertise in data mining and web data through my course work. My training at Rutgers primarily focused on web data management, improving clustering techniques in very large databases, research on Micro-formats and XML on web data. Implemented recommendation/search engines and web services in Java and Python.

B.TECH COMPUTER SCIENCE, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Aug 02 - May 06
My training and course work primarily focused on operating system kernels to cluster computing. I had the wonderful opputunity to build a 32 node cluster in the summer of 2005 with the help of Hari Pyla, my mentor. My undergrad thesis received Best Undergraduate Project of the year.