Productivity - Habit tracking/Mental health

Continuining on my productivity apps setup, here is a list of apps I use for my mental health, stress and habit tracking.

  1. Day one journal: I use this to journal daily activities, mood summaries and major updates. I have my day split into personal and professional spaces and share updates there.

  2. Daylio: This started out as a fun activity in mid 2019. Daylio lets you pick your overall mood and the corresponding activity. You can have multiple entries per day. The app lets you customize moods and activities to your personality. The extra benefit is you can export all these entries into excel and create visualizations. The app also provides weekly, monthly, yearly stats as well as reminders in case you forgot to add an entry.

  3. Headspace: My employer provides free access to the app and I use it for my meditation. I combine it with my fitbit which provides reminders to meditate/breathe and walk around.

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